In Memoriam: Madelene Warren

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My Memories of Madelene Warren and Her Husband Ted Who Were Great Twinners.

Madelene was a pianist and great enabler of music in Twinning, particularly the exchange of the OberErlenbach Children’s Choir with Exeter musicians, children’s orchestra, etc.

Whilst working for the Twinning Circle for many years, she was very involved with the arranging of the contacts with Bad Homburg and the Bad Homburg Choir.

She had very many contacts in Germany and improved the alliances between the two Circles enormously, and arranged for many Organisations in Bad Homburg and Rennes to exchange, both social and Business.

She also enjoyed many visits to Rennes and made many personal and official friends in both twin towns.

Her involvement in Twinning’s early days was a great benefit for Rennes, Bad Homburg and Exeter.

She will be greatly missed.
Mimi Vokes